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  • Alternate Dictionary 1.700
    Alternate Dictionary 1.700An intuitive utility that's simple to use, Alternate Dictionary allows you to compile a personal dictionary...
  • iMindMap 7.0.2
    iMindMap 7.0.2The iMindMap trial software loads slowly the first time, but is definitely worth it to acquire all of the s...
  • GeoGebra
  • AceReader Elite 10.0.1
    AceReader Elite 10.0.1
  • GetRealtime 3.3.0
    GetRealtime 3.3.0
  • BOINC 7.2.33
    BOINC 7.2.33
  • Real Cut 2D
    Real Cut 2D
  • Garden Planner
    Garden Planner
  • Stretch Break 6.6.1
    Stretch Break 6.6.1
  • Graphic Track Maker
    Graphic Track Maker
  • Offline Map Maker 2.96
    Offline Map Maker 2.96Getting to look at a map while you are driving in a new area is a great way to find your way around. Howeve...
  • Calculatormatik 1.7.0
    Calculatormatik 1.7.0Making the proper calculations on how much fuel you can consume and how much you can haul is a lot harder t...
  • OO Gauge Building Maker
    OO Gauge Building Maker OO Gauge Building Maker program is useful for anyone needing to design and build OO/HO card models. The...
  • Agelong Tree 4.6 Build 16.04
    Agelong Tree 4.6 Build 16.04Creating a family tree may seem like it is a complex operation. However, you need to realize this may not b...
  • GCompris 12.11
    GCompris 12.11GCompris is a demo version software program that can be installed right on your computer. It is a collectio...
  • Amazon Kindle for PC
    Amazon Kindle for PCIf you enjoy reading downloaded books and magazines, but don't have a Kindle, you can download the Amazon K...
  • Offline Map Maker 2.0
    Offline Map Maker 2.0When you are trying to make a map, you will find doing it by hand or using some of the other programs which...
  • English 3rd Grade 1.0.0005
    English 3rd Grade 1.0.0005When you are trying to help your kids learn, you will want to pull all the available resources that you can...
  • Let's learn to read 6 1.0.0014
    Let's learn to read 6 1.0.0014Let's learn to read 6 software is a good way to improve on the reading skills they need. The learn...
  • magayo Lotto 3.2.1
    magayo Lotto 3.2.1When you are trying to win money in the lottery it can be harder then what you are thinking. This is when y...
  • e-Sword 10.1.0
    e-Sword 10.1.0When you are trying to get the proper reference for your scripture it can be harder then what you think. Th...
  • English grammar - which and who 1.0.0003
    English grammar - which and who 1.0.0003Even native speakers of English mix up basic grammar, such as when to use the words “which” and...
  • gretl 1.9.11 / 1.9.11 Build 2012.11.26 Snapshot
    gretl 1.9.11 / 1.9.11 Build 2012.11.26 SnapshotThe gretl software package is a comprehensive, yet easy to use software package that has been designed in o...
  • Sudokuki 1.1.6
    Sudokuki 1.1.6Sudoku is a puzzle game that challenges players to fill in a 9x9 number grid, so that all columns and rows ...
  • Bible-Discovery 3.3.0
    Bible-Discovery 3.3.0The Bible-Discovery is total Bible package. Serious study of the Bible is possible with this comprehensive ...
  • English Literature - General Quiz 1.0.0013
    English Literature - General Quiz 1.0.0013Having the chance to grasp your knowledge on a language can be a great thing. The issue which you want to k...
  • Liquefaction Analysis Program 2.43.2012.1124
    Liquefaction Analysis Program 2.43.2012.1124The Liquefaction Analysis Program contains over 50 options and formulas, allowing it to be a flexible, usef...
  • L.A. Flash Cards 1.5
    L.A. Flash Cards 1.5Do you have a child at home needing to memorize things for school? Something as simple as the alphabet or a...
  • DLD Guide 1.0
    DLD Guide 1.0Binary and other computer coding can be difficult to keep track of. Whether you are a beginning programmer ...
  • Amblyopia ABC 2012.15
    Amblyopia ABC 2012.15Amblyopia ABC is a program that is rated and given 4 out of 5 stars. This program is seen as treatment soft...