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  • MouseTracker 2.81
    MouseTracker 2.81
  • PeptideShaker 0.24.0
    PeptideShaker 0.24.0
  • ZCad 0.9.8
    ZCad 0.9.8I need to view and edit blueprints on a regular basis. I have found that Zcad is by far the best CAD applic...
  • Jmol 14.0.5
    Jmol 14.0.5Have you ever needed to view and analyze chemical data? You can do so inside of a 3D working environment wh...
  • SEVENPAR 4.04
    SEVENPAR 4.04One of the hardest things that you may ever have to do is deal with spatial is helmert transformation....
  • ProfiCAD 7.6
    ProfiCAD 7.6When you are looking for a professional software program where you can create schematic diagrams and electr...
  • Gerbview 7.01
    Gerbview 7.01For those who need help viewing, printing, and marking up Gerber, Excellion, and HPGL files, then GerbView ...
  • DataFitting 1.7.9
    DataFitting 1.7.9DataFitting is a versatile Windows program that can complete any type of statistical analysis that involves...
  • OBJ Viewer
    OBJ Viewer Viewer is a computer program designed for Microsoft's Windows operating system that allows users to bot...
  • Nest-o-patch 1.02
    Nest-o-patch 1.02
  • CueMol Alpha
    CueMol AlphaCueMol is one of the most valuable and trusted macromolecular structure viewers that are available for mass...
  • dxf2gbr
    dxf2gbrThe program dxf2gbr is actually one of the most reliable converters of DXF files currently available anywhe...
  • Jaden 1.5
    Jaden 1.5Jaden is an application used for the development of neutral networks. It is an easy to use, and it allows u...
  • convert2orcazmatrix Alpha
    convert2orcazmatrix AlphaUsers of convert2orcazmatrix can now convert normal ZMATRIX files to ORCA-ZMATRIX file format with ease. Th...
  • Jmol 13.0.9
    Jmol 13.0.9When you are dealing with chemicals on a regular basis you will need to have more information on the chemic...
  • Calculator
    Calculator different calculator functions on your computer can be harder then what you think. This is when ...
  • Quadrature Calculator Precision 90
    Quadrature Calculator Precision 90 Quadrature Calculator Precision 90 is one of the most remarkable programs ever to come out of the digit...
  • analyzematrix 0.5 Beta
    analyzematrix 0.5 BetaHaving the proper analyzing done for all of your matrix functions can be harder then what you imagine. This...
  • CoolProp 2.3 Revision 212 Beta
    CoolProp 2.3 Revision 212 BetaLearning about all the different refrigerants can be a great thing to do. This is when you should have some...
  • Model Air Design 1.2
    Model Air Design 1.2When you have a great enjoyment of airplanes, you will want to get to enjoy them all you can and this may m...