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  • ThSim 2.16
    ThSim 2.16Figuring out the thermal conduction in solid materials is invaluable when figuring out the heat transfer ra...
  • WOctave 1.3.2
    WOctave 1.3.2
  • BODMAS Calculator
    BODMAS Calculator
  • HCS Analyzer Beta
    HCS Analyzer Beta
  • OkMap 10.9.4
    OkMap 10.9.4
  • DWG to IMAGE Converter 2013 MX 5.9.5
    DWG to IMAGE Converter 2013 MX 5.9.5Overview Converting files from the DWG format to the IMAGE format (i.e. PNG, TIFF JPEG, GIF and BMP) r...
  • CircuitMod 1.0
    CircuitMod 1.0Applying the various aspects of Ohms law on paper is a lot of work. With the advances in technology, many p...
  • The UEA Small RNA Workbench 3.0.0 Beta
    The UEA Small RNA Workbench 3.0.0 BetaAnalyzing the different strands of RNA is a lot more difficult and complex than it sounds. Yes, these are s...
  • Fritzing 0.8.3b
    Fritzing 0.8.3bAre you a designer or a researcher and in need of an effective software to support your work? Worry no more...
  • SolidWorks eDrawings 2013 SP04
    SolidWorks eDrawings 2013 SP04Finding a program which will help you create, view, and even print the 2D and 3D CAD models is difficult. H...
  • CueMol Alpha
    CueMol AlphaCueMol is one of the most valuable and trusted macromolecular structure viewers that are available for mass...
  • dxf2gbr
    dxf2gbrThe program dxf2gbr is actually one of the most reliable converters of DXF files currently available anywhe...
  • Jaden 1.5
    Jaden 1.5Jaden is an application used for the development of neutral networks. It is an easy to use, and it allows u...
  • convert2orcazmatrix Alpha
    convert2orcazmatrix AlphaUsers of convert2orcazmatrix can now convert normal ZMATRIX files to ORCA-ZMATRIX file format with ease. Th...
  • Jmol 13.0.9
    Jmol 13.0.9When you are dealing with chemicals on a regular basis you will need to have more information on the chemic...
  • Calculator
    Calculator different calculator functions on your computer can be harder then what you think. This is when ...
  • Quadrature Calculator Precision 90
    Quadrature Calculator Precision 90 Quadrature Calculator Precision 90 is one of the most remarkable programs ever to come out of the digit...
  • analyzematrix 0.5 Beta
    analyzematrix 0.5 BetaHaving the proper analyzing done for all of your matrix functions can be harder then what you imagine. This...
  • CoolProp 2.3 Revision 212 Beta
    CoolProp 2.3 Revision 212 BetaLearning about all the different refrigerants can be a great thing to do. This is when you should have some...
  • Model Air Design 1.2
    Model Air Design 1.2When you have a great enjoyment of airplanes, you will want to get to enjoy them all you can and this may m...