Password Corral

Password Corral is a freeware program that provides you with a powerful way to manage your passwords and protect the information on your computer at the same time. In addition to encrypting data, the program can be used to set passwords for individual applications and folders. The program has a user-friendly Windows-standard interface that can be customized for user preferences. Online help is also included.

Password Corral can be tailored to individual user preferences; for example, users may choose shorter or longer passwords to meet their needs. Since computer security specialists recommend frequent password changes, you can set expiration dates for passwords. Password Corral will automatically send messages that remind you to change your passwords when they are due to expire.

For extra protection, if you will be away from your computer for a while, Password Corral automatically detects system inactivity and locks your system. The system can then only be restarted with a master password.

If, like most people, you have trouble remembering complicated but secure passwords, Password Corral has a feature to help you. You can export password data in encrypted or unencrypted form for backup and easy reading. You can also transfer passwords from one computer to another.

Key features of Password Corral include:

- A single repository for storing passwords.

- Easy printing of password information.

- Sorting of password information.

- Powerful Blowfish or Diamond2 encryption protects all the information on your computer with a single master password.

- Password groups that include username, description, comments, URL and email address along with password information.

- Automatic password generation with up to 20 characters of numbers, letters or any special characters helps you generate strong passwords.

- Allows multiple Password Corral accounts on one computer used by more than one person.

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