PCBoost is a tool to help maximize computer performance by improving CPU allocation perfecerences to optimize the main selected applications on your system.

On a typical system, the CPU can be accessed by many different prgrams that run in the background and take away from the time that the main application you are using could be utalizing the processor. This results in slower speeds for games and heavy applications that you may be working on as they wait on the background applications to finish processing before they get started.

Thus we created PCBoost, a very simple application that helps users boost computer performance quickly and easily+.

PCBoost helps to revert the typical behaviors of your operating system and provide for maximized uptime for focused applications running in the forefront. Using PCBoost helps improve the speed at which your processor is able to perform calculations and cycles for the main program that you are running. In the case of videogames this can mean faster load times and less lag, for professional software this can be faster rendering and transfer times.

PCBoost features a simple user interface designed to help a user complete set up and get started in just a few minutes. The main windows of PCBoost features a detailed summary and graph displaying your CPU's free and used areas and displays the name of the currently boosted application. There are three main menu options, a configuration/settings, benchmark tests, and a history report, perfect for allowing the user to critically analize the perforance of the processor.

Some methods of CPU boosting like overclocking can actually put more strain on your processor and harm your PC causing increased rates of failure in shorter amounts of time. PCBoost is different from these boosts and instead uses a method that is safe, and actually quite simple to increase performance, so you can be sure you will not harm your PC by boosting your CPU using PCBoost.

If you need help with computer slowdowns from CPU strain, try PCBoost to help keep your primary application running as smooth as possible.

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