PowerArchiver 2010 11.64.01

When you’re looking for a smart utility to compress and decompress all of your files, you can rely on PowerArchiver. This is packed with a variety of powerful utilities to help you with compression and decompression. It has already been downloaded by millions around the globe and once you discover all the features, it’s easy to see why.

Key features:

- Crease archives that self extract

- Archive conversion

- Dual view of archived files

- Repair files that are corrupt

- Batch file archiving and extraction

- Create backups

- Drag & drop operation

- Print folders

- Skinnable toolbar

When you use PowerArchiver, you will be able to archive a variety of archival formats including BH, RAR, ZIP, ARJ and LHA. Once you have set up an archived file, you can convert. This means you can go from ZIP to RAR or RAR to ARJ or any other file that you suddenly need.

As you start to use PowerArchiver, you will be able to take advantage of many powerful operations. You can rename files, span the archives, repair corrupted ZIP files, view comments, scan archives for viruses and much more.

The program is completely secure. The algorithms are advanced for compression, which will allow you to encrypt files more than once and make them more secure. This is a feature that is not commonly found in archival programs, making PowerArchiver very popular because of what it can do.

As soon as you download PowerArchiver, you have a 30 day trial to start using it as much as you want. There’s a nag screen to remind you to buy the full licensed version. If you choose to buy the full version, you get all access all of the time and the nag screen goes away.

Improvements have been made in the most recent version of PowerArchiver. There are no problems within the operation and it will auto-select the language support, making it easier for you to use.

If you do a lot of archiving and extraction, you will quickly find that PowerArchiver is one of the best programs out there for you to install.

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PowerArchiver  2010 11.64.01
PowerArchiver  2010 11.64.01
PowerArchiver  2010 11.64.01
PowerArchiver  2010 11.64.01
PowerArchiver  2010 11.64.01
PowerArchiver  2010 11.64.01
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