ProcOff 2.2

Keeping an eye on the processes which your computer is doing can be a good thing. However, you may not have the time to monitor all of the computers on your network or even what is going on. This is when you should know more information about why you should be using the ProcOff. When you start to use this, it will be simple for you to monitor the computers processes and know when they should be shut down, but also when they are reaching their limit of working.

The great thing you will like with the ProcOff is this will allow you to monitor three processes at once. When you can monitor this many you can make sure your machine is working properly, but also find out what is taking over all of the memory. Without this, you will have to rely on knowing what is going on on your own. However, when you use this it will make sure everything is running properly and when something is not working properly or has shut down, but is still open, the ProcOff will start the shut down process for that program. So you will not have a memory hog and be able to get all of your work done quickly and easily, without worrying about any type of slow down.

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ProcOff 2.2
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