Q-Dir 5.98.7

Windows Explorer is outdated, but there are still many people who use it. There are more advanced file managers out there and Q-Dir is one of them. It was developed for the purpose of replacing the default Windows utility. Up to four locations can be browsed at once with this new program.

The user interface of the program is simple and elegant. The context menus are the same as Windows Explorer, but working with more than one file at a time is simplified. Dragging and dropping also makes it possible to copy a file in just moments.

Tabbed browsing allows you to open multiple folders all simultaneously so that you can better organize them. Just as you work with a web browser and multiple webpages, Q-Dir allows you to work with the files of your computer. Whether you want to copy, move, or otherwise organize files, it will be done in considerably less time because Q-Dir makes it possible for you to multi-task – and do so without slowing your computer down.

The application can be customized with the layout as well as the various settings in the menu. You can change the inside views, the colors, and even how the software operates. This gives you complete control – something that you won’t find when you use Windows Explorer.

Top features for Q-Dir include:

- Drag and drop supported

- Tabbed browsing

- Work with up to four files at a time

- Customizations available

- Many settings within the menu

The program works smoothly and there were no crashes throughout the testing. It’s not going to stress out the RAM, which means you can use it on new and old computers alike. There’s also a portable installation mode so that it can be placed onto a USB flash drive so you can use it wherever you go.

Q-Dir works as a great replacement for Windows Explorer. If you have been looking for a way to increase productivity, this freeware program is one you will want to download. There have been no bugs or issues and the interface is easy to work with. Download it today and find out how easy it can be to navigate through all of your files and folders.

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Nenad Hrg
Q-Dir 5.98.7
Q-Dir 5.98.7
Q-Dir 5.98.7
Q-Dir 5.98.7
Q-Dir 5.98.7
Q-Dir 5.98.7
Q-Dir 5.98.7
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