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Set Proxy is the perfect little application to use with customizing your proxy settings. This program is easy and simple to use. It is designed to allow the user to setup their setting any way they choose. The proxy works well with Internet Explorer by allowing the user to configure the setting inside the Internet Explorer website. This program is fast and easy to use and it has a simple configuration menu. It is the perfect tool to use for proxy configurations and to implement changes. Change proxy setting with only one click of the mouse. Use the several key functions on the keyboard to set the settings on the internet Explorer.

This software is perfect to use on all Window systems. It is a (GPL) product which means it can be used by anyone. This is the perfect alternative to buying expensive software that claims to work but do not. Similar software of this magnitude does not come with some many functions. Set Proxy is just the opposite. The simple and easy to easy interface makes setting up proxies easy; even for first time users. Set your proxy setting by pushing the F8 key on the keyboard. This function enables he programs. When you get ready to disable the program just simply click the F7 key; it is just that simple. There is not anything else to learn and not hard ware to install. Just simply download the software to your computer and use it for as long as you choose. There is nothing to pay but you have a lot to gain.

Changing the configuration settings in your Internet Browser is easy and manageable. Make sure you are using a computer with a Windows platform. Otherwise, the software may not work properly and could cause some programs not to work correctly. The greatest features available concerning this product is definitely the ability to arm and disarm the program from the keyboard with the touch of two simple key functions. No other program offer such ease, convenience and worry free techniques as the Set Proxy software for Setting proxies.

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  • Set Proxy
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  • GPL
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  • Windows
  • Developer:
  • Mohammad Kad
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  • Set Proxy
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Set Proxy
Set Proxy
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