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SetPower Enterprise is a unique program that is open to many people for download. It is used to manage the electricity consumption for all the network computers that you may be using in your home or office. This program makes it very easy for you to set power schedules for many different computers that are connected through a specific network. It also enables you to control the behavior of remote machines from just one single location.

There are also certain limitations that you should be aware of when using this program. It is only limited to 5 clients, and you will only receive a 30 day trial. This is definitely a demo version, until you make a purchase. You will then be able to enjoy everything it has to offer in its entirety. An added wake on LAN has been added, as well as some well improved event logging and role checking. You will also be able to send MAC addresses and users to the server when you communicate with the set power services.

As long as you have Windows XP, Vista, or 7 you should be good to go. It is easy to use and manage as long as you have a little knowledge on electricity and computers. Many businesses find that these programs come in handy so they are able to keep up with the consumption of electricity being used by a certain network of computers. This program really comes in handy when you need it the most.

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