StaffCop Home Editio 5

StaffCop Home Edition is a software program that allows parents to monitor what their children are doing on the computer. The computer and the Internet can be very dangerous for children and even the best-intentioned children can end up somewhere they shouldn't be. The StaffCop Home Edition program helps parents to keep their children safe while their children can still use the computer to grow and learn. The StaffCop Home Edition program has a wide range of tools that can help the parent monitor their children.

The screenshot tool takes regular screenshots of the child's activity to make sure that they are doing things that they should be. Application monitoring allows the parent to check which applications the child has used, and email monitoring lets the parent monitor their child's email correspondence. The software suite can further monitor instant messages, keystrokes, social networks, searches and more. Parents will find that their children will not be able to do anything without their supervision.

StaffCop Home Edition is intended for parents to monitor their children on a single computer, though it can also monitor USB drives that are connected to the computer. As one might glean from the title of the software, it was first developed as a way to monitor staff for an employer. It can still operate in that capacity for business owners that want to make sure that their employees are staying on task.

The software itself is easy to use, though it could have a cleaner interface. It's a very simple, straightforward program that is not very attractive but still extremely useful.

StaffCop Home Editio

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StaffCop Home Editio 5
StaffCop Home Editio 5
StaffCop Home Editio 5
StaffCop Home Editio 5
StaffCop Home Editio 5
StaffCop Home Editio 5
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