Star Watermark 1.0.8

An easy and dependable way to add protection to your digital photos online is to use a watermark. Using Star Watermark software can help.

Star Watermark software is used by professionals as well as those who just got a digital camera. It is also great for those who are into graphic art as a way to make sure that their art is not used in ads or on the internet without their permission.

If you have a lot of photos, you don’t want to have to watermark them one at a time. Star Watermark will let you watermark your photos in batches with a selected template. Star Watermark is so easy to use; all you have to do is drag and drop your photos into the software interface and start marking.

Star Watermark lets you edit the watermark template and customize your own watermarking. Maybe you would like to add your business logo as a watermark on the images. Star Watermark lets you have that option. Star Watermark also has a free edition that allows you to use a text watermark on you images. An image watermark is also an option for your photos.

Star Watermark will support all of the widely used photo formats. This way, you are assured that your images will be accepted in the software.

With Star Watermark, you can preview the photo to make sure that the watermark you chose is exactly what you thought it would be. If you like it great, if not, then at least you have the option to change it before putting it up on the internet for all to see.

Star Watermark also give you options that allow you to rotate your image, change the size of the text, change the color of the text, and even change the shadow of the text. The options are seemingly endless.

Protect your images and protect them quickly and easily. Star Watermark can give you the peace of mind knowing the images you own can be viewed by others on the internet without being abused by others on the internet.

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Star Watermark
Star Watermark You can avoid the nasty little surprise of seeing your graphic or photography work elsewhere on the internet with Star Watermark software....
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Star Watermark 1.0.8
Star Watermark 1.0.8
Star Watermark 1.0.8
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