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  • Caps Lock 4.2.0
    Caps Lock 4.2.0
  • DBCTaskman 1
    DBCTaskman 1Many people claim that the only good thing about Windows 8 is the task manager. DBCTaskman is an applicatio...
  • Speccy 1.22.535
    Speccy 1.22.535If you are like the majority of PC users, you have a very limited knowledge of the inner workings of your c...
  • Sisoft Sandra 2005 SR3 (10.69)
    Sisoft Sandra 2005 SR3 (10.69)
  • CPU-Z 1.63
    CPU-Z 1.63CPU-Z has recently undergone some major changes that are worth talking about. First, Intel Xeon E5 support ...
  • LastActivityView 1.03
    LastActivityView 1.03
  • Everest 5.50
    Everest 5.50Looking to work on your computer can be a good thing. However, you will find this is rather difficult to do...
  • CPUMon 1.70 / 1.70.3 Beta
    CPUMon 1.70 / 1.70.3 Beta
  • System Uptime Monitor 1.3
    System Uptime Monitor 1.3
  • SpecialFoldersView 1.25
    SpecialFoldersView 1.25
  • SysResources Manager 12.1
    SysResources Manager 12.1The SysResources Manager is an analysis program, it returns detailed information on the hardware and softwa...
  • D3DGear 4.15 Build 1518
    D3DGear 4.15 Build 1518D3DGear is advanced software ingame for video game. This happens to be a wonderful Windows 3D game software...
  • USBDeview 2.15
    USBDeview 2.15USBDeview is a small tool that you can use to list all USB devices that are currently connected to your com...
  • System Information Viewer 4.31 / 4.32 Beta 77
    System Information Viewer 4.31 / 4.32 Beta 77Often when you are working on your computer you may be curious what it is doing in the background that you ...
  • HWiNFO64 4.04.1730
    HWiNFO64 4.04.1730HWiNFO64 is a highly powerful system information tool you can use to help display information about hardwar...
  • HWiNFO32 4.04.1730
    HWiNFO32 4.04.1730HWiNFO32 is a wonderful application that you can use to give you free information about the hardware on you...
  • Nsasoft Network Software Inventory
    Nsasoft Network Software Inventory a network, even if it is a home computer network can be a daunting task because you constantly have...
  • Argus Monitor 2.3.04
    Argus Monitor 2.3.04Argus Monitor is designed to run as a background task to continuously monitor the health of your computer&r...
  • MyEventViewer 1.81
    MyEventViewer 1.81In the realm of customer service, it is often necessary to have several windows open at once. I really disl...
  • FileSure 2.6 Build 4542
    FileSure 2.6 Build 4542Having the proper auditing files can be a lot easier then what you think. However, you just have to make su...