TCC/LE 13.05.69


The standard Windows Command Prompt feature tends to be replaced by TCC/LE, which is new powerful and upgraded software that has many more to offer as it comes as a superset of Command Prompt. Although both software look alike, the TCC/LE comes more advanced with utilities that assist users and make their work even easier.

By utilizing the TCC/LE software users are able to use a single command so as to get multiple files moved, copied and deleted in no time. In addition, the TCC/LE comes with a command line editor that does not only demonstrate and inform about file completion and history, but is also more advanced.

It is user-friendly and particularly handy as it only needs users to type the initial letter of the folder that is about to be browsed or the file that needs to be opened and then after just pressing “Tab” the TCC/LE will identify the right file or folder’s name, due to its enhanced features.

What is more, users are granted access over past commands and moreover, the TCC/LE software allows users to go through a detailed search that is based on size, time or date and leave out all irrelevant files and folders.

It is no hidden secret that the TCC/LE is a Command Prompt replacement, yet it doesn’t cause any inconvenience to your Windows operation, regardless of the version as it runs on low resources throughout its use. In fact, it can run freely and safely on Windows 7, and the best part is that it doesn’t require any administrator’s license so as to run smoothly and at its full potentials.

All in all, TCC/LE is a reliable option that can replace Command Prompt since it has both identical looks and upgraded features that provide great help to all users.

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TCC/LE 13.05.69
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