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The Text Protector is a software that enables you to protect all of your text files with a password so that no unauthorized person may gain access to any of your files. It is a handy, simple bit of software and they have fixed the majority of the bugs over the previous release. They have also added additional text saving, and text adding capabilities, as well as extra password changing and password restore capabilities. The menu bar has been retooled as well, which makes the functionability of the program much easier. The features are pretty much your basic, user name, password, and password recovery. It is an easy-to-use little program, andquietly keeps all of your files safe from prying eyes. I have tried out many of these programs, and this one works just fine.

The Text Protector operates on MS Windows, or Windows Aero. Its license is the GNO General Public License, version 3.0. The startup screen is easy as well. It displays a lock/unlock option above the text square. You are allowed to select yyour data, delete selected data, delete all, and view your progress. There are also the options for changing passwords and options in case you have forgotten your passwords.

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  • Text Protector
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  • Beta
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  • Freeware
  • OS Supported:
  • Windows
  • Developer:
  • Abhijit Parida
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  • Text Protector
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Text Protector
Text Protector
Text Protector
Text Protector
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