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The Audio Converter program is a good option for those who work with audio files on a fairly regular basis. This versatile program will run on any computer that uses a Windows operating system, is certified as being 100% free from viruses and malware and has a large number of options that are sure to delight anyone who enjoys listening to music, podcasts and/or audio ebooks.

The Audio Converter enables a person to take any type of audio and convert it into a different file type. The file types supported by this particular program include mp3, WAV, Flac and AIFF. The program can also upgrade low quality recordings, making them easier to listen to than they would have been otherwise.

Some other features included in this particular program are conversion of sampling frequency, audio file encoding for security purposes and rapid conversion of any given file type. The fact that the program has a very user friendly format and interface enables anyone to learn to use it in a very short period of time.

The only limitation this particular program has is the fact that it can only handle a single file at a time. The program also frequently closes after converting a single file, which means that a person who needs to work with other files will need to re-open the program after every single file conversion. This may make the program a less than ideal option for professionals who need to work with a number of audio files, but it should not be overly detrimental to the average user.

Anyone who wants to convert audio files to a different format or upgrade low quality audio files will find that The Audio Converter is an ideal program in many ways. It does fast conversions, has numerous file type options to choose from and provides high quality recordings. Given the fact that this program is free, it is certainly worth the small amount of time and effort required to download and install.



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