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Partition Wizard is a disk management utility that can be used by individuals with any experience level.

The user interface of the program is clean and intuitive. You have the possibility of running a wizard to copy a partition or a disk, as well as recover a partition or free data.

In the volume list, you can view the capacity, used and unused space, file system, type, as well as the status for each partition on your disk.

So, once you select a disk from the volume list, you can perform one of these operations: format, delete, move, resize or copy it, as well as set its label, check its file system or explore it.

In addition, you can change the cluster size, set a partition as logical, change its serial number and type ID, run a surface test, wipe it or view its properties. You can also set a partition as active or inactive, hide it, set it as primary, rebuild MBR on a disk, and more.

Unfortunately, this version doesn't support dynamic disk operations, the conversion of FAT disks to NTFS and you cannot merge partitions.

On the other hand, Partition Wizard uses a moderate amount of system resources, comes with a well-developed help file that contains step-by-step guides and basic information about partitions, and didn't freeze or crash during our tests.

Moreover, thanks to the aforementioned wizards, even beginners can learn how to work with a partition manager in a few simple steps. Overall, Partition Wizard does an excellent job in a reasonable amount of time, so we strongly recommend it to all users.

Here are some key features of "Partition Wizard Home Edition":

  • Support RAID.
  • Extend system partition to improve computer performance to maximum.
  • Manage the hard disk to get the best performance of computer.
  • Create , Delete and Format partitions with simple steps.
  • Disk Copy to protect or transfer data.
  • Support disk and partition size larger than 2 TB.
  • Convert partition format from FAT to NTFS.
  • Partition Copy: Copy the entire hard disk to another one.
  • Copy Disk Wizard: Copy the entire hard disk to another one without windows reinstalling.
  • Disk Map - Visually demonstrate your disk / partition configuration; preview the changes before applying.
  • Hide/unhide partition, set active partition, etc. - Change partition properties.
  • Explore FAT/NTFS partition.


  • x86 or compatible CPU with main frequency 500MHz
  • Capacity of RAM memory above 256M


  • Merge function is not available

What's New in This Release:

  • Convert NTFS to FAT
  • Change Font
  • Convert MBR Disk to GPT Disk
  • Convert GPT Disk to MBR Disk
  • Copy Dynamic disk volume
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