TrayIt! nLite Addon

TrayIt! is a handy, free program that enables you to minimize programs to your taskbar instead of the bottom of the computer screen. This program can handle a wide range of programs, making it easy for a person to keep multiple programs open at the same time without cluttering the computer screen.

TrayIt! nLite Addon is a helpful add-on to this particular program that makes TrayIt! even more convenient and easy to use than it was before. TrayIt! nLite Addon makes it possible for a person to put any window in the system tray with a single click of a button. A computer user can then program the computer to keep this window in the tray permanently by right clicking on the program in question and then selecting "place in system tray."

It should be noted that TrayIt! nLite Addon, like most other add-ons, is not made by the company that originally created the TrayIt! program. It is a third party application, but it works extremely well with the program and is not hard to install once you have downloaded and installed the original TrayIt! program.

Busy multi-taskers who keep a number of programs open at the same time are sure to appreciate TrayIt! and all that it has to offer. This program makes it easy for a person to use multiple programs at once and the TrayIt! nLite Addon that can be downloaded in addition to the main program makes the use of TrayIt! even easier than it already is. The program and its add-on can be used on various Windows operating systems and is simple enough that even a person who is not at all technologically savvy can learn to use it quickly and easily.

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  • TrayIt! nLite Addon
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  • Freeware
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  • Windows
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  • Computer Technology, Inc.
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  • TrayIt! nLite Addon
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