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The developers over at created the - Windows Repair tool for several reasons. They want the average user to be able to resolve common problems with the Windows operating system, even if they're not technically skilled or able to hire a technician to take a look. To this end, - Windows Repair uses an user-friendly wizard style interface, like you would already be accustomed to, if you've used Windows at all. For example, installers use a wizard that simply require you to click through to the next screen, without ever requiring you to manually make any changes with which you might not be comfortable.

Anyone who's eagerly tried to fix their PC problems only to have it all go awry can rest assured that this Windows repair utility includes a backup feature, so you can restore to a point before you made the changes. After backing up, you can let the tool look for registry errors and infections and determine whether your hard disk and files are in healthy condition.

These four steps then lead to the actual repairs, and this repair program gives you three repair options: basic, custom and advanced. If you're worried about any changes the program might make, basic is for you. Custom allows you to choose from every possible repair, and advanced automatically chooses the most advanced repairs, while leaving some options alone. - Windows Repair is easy to use and provides many safe measures, so even someone who is inexperienced at computer troubleshooting should feel comfortable using it. It works for more frustrating issues and routine maintenance, like deleting temp files and fixing directory permissions. The tool from is currently compatible with Windows XP through 7, so it hits on all the major releases in the past fifteen years.

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