TweakVI 1.0 Build 1170

Windows Vista is an amazing operating system with many features. Wouldn’t be wonderful if you could tweak all of its many settings? Perhaps you want to be able to customize Windows so it reflects your own personality, or there's a need to speed up the system. There should be a way to do all of this with the click of a mouse button.

TweakVI is a small software application that allows for the optimization and customization of Windows Vista. It's a tweaking utility, meaning that all of Windows hidden features can easily be accessed and adjusted to your heart’s content. It was developed especially for Windows Vista, to tune and cleanup the many systems that run in the background.

The power of TweakVI is the simplicity in which the most obscure Windows setting can be altered without the need to resort to editing the Windows registry. With it, a user can optimize and cleanup the system registry, removing any superfluous entries that have been left behind by uninstalled programs.

All of the tools used in TweakVI are accessed through a simple interface. Similar tools are grouped under a menu panel on the left side of the screen, and each tool has a brief explanation of its function. This makes TweakVI easy to use for the inexperienced computer user, and perfect for the power user.

  • System Information and Tweaks displays informative data of every hardware component and service running in Windows Vista. From here, hardware is tweaked and optimized, increasing the performance of the CPU and hard drive.
  • Miscellaneous Tweaks enables a user to tweak folder settings and permissions. It’s a breeze to adjust the performance of the mouse or restrict access to applications.
  • Visual Tweaks customizes the appearance of every element of Windows Vista. Here, you can alter everything from how the Start button appears, to how the icons animate.
  • Internet Tweaks optimize the internet connection, adjusting Ethernet packet size and other factors that give a boost to web browsing speed.

TweakVI includes a detailed help function and is exclusively available for Windows Vista, 32-bit and 64-bit.

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TweakVI 1.0 Build 1170
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