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  • FMS File Date Changer 2.9.4
    FMS File Date Changer 2.9.4Developed by FileManagerSoft Ltd., this trial version of FMS File Date Changer allows the user to easily m...
  • Desk & Archive 2.0.1
    Desk & Archive 2.0.1Developed by Labsii Ltd, this trial version of Desk & Archive is an opportunity to get to know yet anot...
  • FTPDirect 1.33.517.555
    FTPDirect 1.33.517.555Developed by Marcel Scheitza, this trial version of FTPDirect Review is, true to its name, a File Transfer ...
  • CloneDVD Mobile / Beta
    CloneDVD Mobile / Beta
  • Wise Folder Hider 1.38.75
    Wise Folder Hider 1.38.75In order to protect the privacy of your folders and files from others who might access your computer, it is...
  • 1Step DVD Copy 3.4.6
    1Step DVD Copy 3.4.61Step DVD Copy is extremely simplistic program that is capable of ripping and backing up DVD films with eas...
  • Soft4Boost DVD Cloner
    Soft4Boost DVD Cloner DVD Cloner is a quick and easy utility for backing up DVDs on your computer. You can create a fu...
  • WinHKI 1.84
    WinHKI 1.84WinHKI is a program that lets you compress or decompress your files in the easiest possible way. The inter...
  • Soft4Boost Device Uploader
    Soft4Boost Device Uploader Device Uploader is a free program that is intended to assist with transfers from a computer to a...
  • WinDataReflector 1.3.2
    WinDataReflector 1.3.2WinDataReflector is a freeware utility for Windows that allows users to synchronize files and folders among...