File managers

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  • EF Commander Free 9.50
    EF Commander Free 9.50
  • Awesome Time Tracker 0.4 Alpha
    Awesome Time Tracker 0.4 AlphaAwesome Time Tracker is a free Windows program that tracks your activities throughout the day. As you log y...
  • UltraSearch 1.8.1
    UltraSearch 1.8.1
  • TSR Photo Manager
    TSR Photo Manager Photo Manager is a useful photo management application. It has an easy-to-use layout and handy features...
  • Just Manager 0.1 Alpha 51
    Just Manager 0.1 Alpha 51Just Manager is a file management program compatible with Windows operating systems that helps you maneuver...
  • Q-Dir 5.73
    Q-Dir 5.73Q-Dir is a program that can give you the ability to view the properties of up to four files in a single ope...
  • Multi Commander 3.5.1
    Multi Commander 3.5.1Multi Commander replaces Windows Explorer with a superior, multi-tabbed environment rich with features. The...
  • File Fisher 1.8.1
    File Fisher 1.8.1Nothing is worse than having to take and drag each individual file in a folder to a new destination. Howeve...
  • Mass Folder Manager Suite 6.00
    Mass Folder Manager Suite 6.00Mass Folder Manager Suite allows you to rename and delete files and folders. This is a professional folder ...
  • Quick View Plus 13.0.0
    Quick View Plus 13.0.0Quick View Plus is a program that allows you to check the contents of various types of files, including ima...
  • Q-Dir 5.31
    Q-Dir 5.31If you are looking for a really good file manager and even an explorer, you should consider downloading Q-D...
  • Immersive Explorer 0.1.2
    Immersive Explorer 0.1.2Immersive Explorer is one of the best software programs available today. It brings all of the Metro tiles o...
  • FAR 3.0
    FAR 3.0In order to successfully manage all of your computer files, you may need Far 3.0. This is the latest versio...
  • Amagno 2.7.3
    Amagno 2.7.3The Amagno grants easy storage for files and presents easy distribution of these files to the varied progra...
  • Free Opener
    Free Opener, Efficient Utility Designed To Open Popular File Types   Free Opener is a FREE application...
  • FileCHK
    FileCHKFileCHK is great data recovery software designed to take care of locating and putting together your crashed...
  • DIY DataRecovery
    DIY DataRecoveryLosing your files from one way or another may seem like a hopeless problem. There is a way however, to fix ...
  • UnCHK
    UnCHKGetting to have your computer recover from a crash can be a great thing. The issue you may have is not know...
  • 001 File Joiner and Splitter
    001 File Joiner and Splitter program known as 001 File Joiner and Splitter is an extremely dependable application that will help you...
  • Far Manager 2.0 Build 1807 Stable / 3.0 Build 2794 Nightly
    Far Manager 2.0 Build 1807 Stable / 3.0 Build 2794 NightlyQuite often when you are looking at managing all of your files it is more of a challenge then what you firs...