Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection

I installed the Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection last week and I have been very happy with its performance. This software package provides several versions of the Firefox Internet browser. It was created with web developers and designers in mind who desire to check to see how a website appears and runs in different editions of the popular browser. In total, the Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection offers 15 different versions of the browser. The software works with the following operating systems: Windows 2K, Vista, Vista x64, XP, 2003 Server, 7 x64, 7, 2008 Server, 8 and 8 x64.

While it is possible to install all the different versions of Mozilla Firefox individually, this is a waste of time. The Utilu Collection made my life much easier as I do not have the time or patience to install every single version of the browser. I was happy to find that each version came with web development tools pre-installed so that I didn't have to add plug-ins with each individual installation. The primary web development tools are offered by the Web Developer and Firebug plug-ins are provided with each browser edition. Users can even customize the installation of each edition by adding certain plug-ins or altering the settings. This won't impact the other versions of Firefox that the collection provides.

In a nutshell, I love this collection because it allows me to study websites with each version of the browser without any problems. I was even given the option of installing only certain versions of the browser. They can be used simultaneously or individually without any hassles. There's a handy automatic tool that opens websites that the user specifies with each browser version to easily compare each's look and performance. This saves me plenty of time as it opens several browser tabs when I enter more than one website URL.

My only qualm with the software is that when I choose to open a URL with all versions of Mozilla Firefox, it does take some time for each to load. Still, this is a minor complaint. Anyone who has developed a website or web application that requires testing will love the Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection.

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  • Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection
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  • Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection
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Windows 2K, XP, Vista, Vista x64, 2003 Server, 7, 7 x64, 2008 Server, 8, 8 x64
Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection
Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection
Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection
Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection
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Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection