VideoDesktop 3.1

If you’re an avid fan of video clips, then the VideoDesktop 3.1 may be just what you need to enjoy video clips to the full. This software puts video clips at your fingertips by placing them on the backdrop of your computer.

Learning more about the features of  VideoDesktop 3.1 will enable to you take advantage of all that this software has to offer. The following gives some insight into these features:

1. Musical Video Clip Playing: VideoDesktop 3.1 allows you to play your favorite musical video clips as part of the backdrop of your computer without it interfering with your computer’s performance.

2. Pause Mechanism: In the event you are interrupted in your video watching, you can pause your display at the touch of a button so you don’t miss any of your video viewing. Once you are ready to watch again, press the button to resume  viewing.

3. Video Clip Watching on Idle: VideoDesktop 3.1 lets you continue your video clip viewing long after your PC has gone into idle mode. When on idle, your video clips serve as computer screen savers, letting you enjoy uninterrupted video clip watching to the full.

4. Customized Video Clips: With VideoDesktop, you are not limited to a specific type of clip in order for the program to work. The program functions with customized video clips, enabling you to expand your choices.

5. Time Activation: VideoDesktop provides a time activation mechanism that enables you to preset the timing of your watching for greater convenience.

6. Browsing: By including a “Next – Previous – Skip” feature, this program gives you the ability to browse through your selection of video clips with great ease. The feature facilitates finding specific video clips, skipping over clips or returning to former clips at the touch of a button.

7. Auto Start: VideoDesktop comes with an auto start mechanism that starts video clip playing as soon as your computer boots up.

8. Additional Features: Additional features include Tooltips, Direct X8.1, Volume Control, Resolution Control, and Resizable Window.

VideoDesktop 3.1 comes with a 15-day trial period, which you can bypass by purchasing the licensed software right away.

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  • VideoDesktop
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  • 3.1
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  • Windows
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  • Globe Masters Software
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  • VideoDesktop 3.1
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VideoDesktop  3.1
VideoDesktop  3.1
VideoDesktop  3.1
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