Windows Live Movie Maker 2012 16.4.3522

Have you been looking for a quick and effective way to edit together videos on your Windows computer, but haven't found one that not only is able to handle all of your needs but is also free as well? Windows Live Movie Maker is able to assist you with this. The software has the capability of editing together video files, audio, images and other media content into complete movies. So, regardless of where the media originates (such as digital cameras, mobile phones, flash cards or other location), Windows Live Movie Maker is able to work with the content and help you produce the most professional looking final product possible.

With the assistance of the program, you are able to select either the current AutoMovie themes, available transitions, visual effects (such as slow motion, fades and other features), not to mention titles, captions and credits. If you have been wanting to put together a movie for yoursle, friends, family or a larger audience, you are able to do so with Windows Live Movie Maker. It just shows you don't need an expensive video editor to create the perfect movie.

For more professional functions, the software also comes with the ability to alter edit speeds, split multiple video views into a single frame, and add unique transitions and animations to the production. On top of it all, you can import your favorite music to accompany your production. After all, music and audio is a very important element to any movie, so you need to make sure to take advantage of these features. On top of it all, once you have finished with the video file, you can export the content for viewing on just about any device, ranging from the Internet, mobile phone, DVD or for high-definition playback.

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