Windows Rule 1.5


Windows Rule is a program that allows users to shut down, restart or log off different programs. It is handy because it can do what you want it to do in just a click of a button. Instantly, it will take care of what you need it to.

This program works by implanting an icon in the system tray. It will then work by triggering a shut down action. All you will have to do to access these options is to right click on the shortcut and explore what is available. This program works so great that it was rated 4 out of 5 stars.

You will need to make sure that you have Windows XP or anything newer in order to download this software. You can also read a few user reviews if you want to get a better idea on how this program works before installing it all the way through on your computer. It definitely will work to your advantage. You can enjoy everything you want about this program, and not find any other to compete with.

Overall, it is worth the download and installation. It can be downloaded online at no cost to anyone.

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Windows Rule 1.5
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Windows Rule