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The convenience of compressing files is an old and established one. When hard drives were much smaller it was considered practical to compress a file, or a group of files, so they could be archived to take up less space. Today's hard drives have a much larger capacity, but computer users still enjoy being able to archive their data. They place their compressed data on their hard drive, on physical media, and even email it as an attachment. There's usually also additional options available, like password protection. The password feature is a very handy one for security conscious computer users.

WinRAR is a small and simple to use tool for compressing data. It's extremely popular and has been downloaded millions of times by users seeking the best in compression utilities. It compresses, decompresses, tests and repairs all kinds of archives, including its own RAR file format. Quite, simply, WinRAR is the most popular compression utility found online. Its simple interface and blazing fast compression speeds easily make this the first choice in this category of software tools.

WinRAR has been around since 1993, slowly adding features that enable it to accomplish every possible action required to create a fully functioning archive. You have the choice to create that archive as either the RAR file format or a ZIP. The option of adding extra attributes, such as a password, or splitting archives over preset sizes for storage, are simple to access from the menu.

Major Features

Multiple compression formats
WinRAR compresses files as either a RAR or a ZIP. It can extract CAB, ARJ, ACE, 7z, JAR, ISO and many other formats

Wizard Mode
This simple guided interface leads you through the process of creating your first archive in minutes.

Split Archives
If you have a large file, compress it and split it into a number of volumes that can span disks. The split archive can be easily reassembled.

Self-extracting Archives
Just what it says. Create an archive that can be extracted by any user.

What's new
Version 4.2 offers many speed improvements and improvements to the compression algorithm.



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WinRAR  4.01
WinRAR  4.01
WinRAR  4.01
WinRAR  4.01
WinRAR  4.01
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