WinRAR 4.20

If you need to archive or transmit large files, or are just running out of disk space, WinRAR is the tool for you! WinRAR provides one of the highest compression rates of any compression tool. WinRAR also includes many security features to enhance file archiving and transmission.

WinRAR specializes in compressing multimedia files, which can quickly fill up hard drives when left in their original format. WinRAR's special compression algorithm outperforms the competition by up to 50%.

Here are some benefits and features of WinRAR:

- Supports nearly unlimited file sizes, up to 9,000 PB. Yes, that's petabytes!

- Decompresses files from many different format types, so you don't have to search the Internet to find a new tool everytime you download a file in a new format. Formats supported include RAR, ZIP, TAR, CAB, ARJ, ACE, and many others.

- Creates password-protected files that enhance online and local security.

- Encrypts files for secure transmission using 128-bit encryption and authenticated signatures; also supports NTFS file security.

- Annotates archived files with user-provided comments to enhance search and make it easy to remember what is in files.

- Provides an optional specialized compression algorithm for multimedia files to reduce file sizes 10-50% beyond standard algorithms.

WinRAR is also much easier to use than many other compression tools. For example, WinRAR:

- Automates selection of appropriate compression format for multimedia files, so you don't have to be a compression expert!

- Automates the repairs archive files damaged during the compression or retrieval process

- Provides one step processes for compressing a file and emailing it, even including the file name in the subject line.

WinRAR has both 32-bit and 64-bit versions available in 43 different languages, from Arabic to Vietnamese. Try a free trial for 40 days and begin solving your file size problems!

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WinRAR 4.20
WinRAR 4.20
WinRAR 4.20
WinRAR 4.20
WinRAR 4.20
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