X-Mouse Button Control 2.5

While you might have never wondered if you can reconfigure the buttons on your mouse, especially if you work in an office or use the same mouse that came with the computer you bought ten years ago, many people have enjoyed reconfiguring their computer mouse to make it easier and quicker to perform common tasks. This is especially true for those who are left handed and prefer the mouse on the other side of their computer and gamers, many of whom have purchased mouses with extra buttons for storing items and attacks. X-Mouse Button Control promises the freedom to customize your mouse as you see fit, and it all uses a standard Windows screen that you'll be comfortable with.

This free utility seems to work best with a traditional mouse on a Windows PC with a scroll wheel, and it allows you to customize not just the action of a single click on any of those buttons, but also when you click multiple buttons simultaneously. The actions that X-Mouse Button Control support include cutting, copying and pasting, which can take up precious moments if you frequently type, and opening your favorites in your browser or refreshing the page that you're currently browsing. You can even activate your screen saver or turn on your computer's power saving mode, both of which are convenient if you have to leave your workstation at a moment's notice and don't want prying eyes looking at your screen. X-Mouse Button Control also lets you use the "Alt-"Tab" shortcut with your mouse, which we know is one of the more commonly used Windows shortcuts.

If you don't have a multimedia keyboard, rest assured that X-Mouse Button Control will let you control your media player with your mouse. For example, you can navigate to the next track or adjust the volume of your speakers higher or lower. This program seems to breathe new life into even the most basic mouse, which we like.

Before you head to the store to nearest electronics purchase a brand-new mouse, consider this free program. It just might save you some money and hassle.

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  • Software Name:
  • X-Mouse Button Control
  • Software Version:
  • 2.5
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  • Freeware
  • OS Supported:
  • Windows
  • Developer:
  • Highresolution Enterprises.
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  • X-Mouse Button Control 2.5
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X-Mouse Button Control 2.5
X-Mouse Button Control 2.5
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X-Mouse Button Control