XML File Pretty Printer 2.1

Oh, the frustration! XML files that are saved but so messy you don't even want to open them back up again? Yeah, I have been there. I shall not even mention the extra work needed to reopen them and clean them up so it doesn't haunt me in my sleep. As I have mentioned before, I am a little lazy and I love shortcuts that abbreviate the amount of work I have to dedicate myself to, so coming across XML File Pretty Printer was pretty sweet.

Initially I thought it was a web design program for printing off pretty items created by code. I was somewhat off the mark, but still managed to find a trial software download that was just as good even though not as much fun. The name of this trial software may be a bit of a misnomer, but it is still useful. It cleans up the "mess" in your XML code files and only requires an easy wrist to clip, copy, drop, correct and save. I liked the ease of which my XML files became easier to read and use and without errors. (And, yes, you can print it out then, but why would you want it around to stare at?)

The thirty day free trial will give anyone a month to be a little lazier in their work. You have to like that; I did. I still have a few days left to play with it, so if you don't mind, I'm getting back to work and let you download it and decide for yourself....

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  • XML File Pretty Printer
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  • 2.1
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  • Trial
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  • Windows
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  • Tom Jorgenson Consulting
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  • XML File Pretty Printer 2.1
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XML File Pretty Printer  2.1
XML File Pretty Printer  2.1
XML File Pretty Printer  2.1
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XML File Pretty Printer