ZipGenius is a file compression and extraction tool designed for Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. With ZipGenius, it’s easy to compress and extract a variety of different archives. ZipGenius comes with native support for ZIP, RAR, ACE and other archival formats.

In addition to basic archival features, ZipGenius features full Windows shell integration. Through shell integration, compressing or extracting a file can be accomplished with a single right click of the mouse. ZipGenius also includes automated tools for creating zipped executable files.

Batch operations are also made simple with ZipGenius. Using a series of automated tools, ZipGenius can compress and extract multiple files at the same time. This makes it easy to manage large numbers of photos, files, videos and other data.

ZipGenius also comes with tools to make web publishing of archives easy. Through FTP / STP, ZipGenius allows users to automatically upload compressed archives for sharing. While the Standard version of ZipGenius does have some limitations when it comes to online file sharing, other versions of ZipGenius come with these features.

ActiveSync is also supported by ZipGenius for easy management of digital archives.

In total, ZipGenius supports 21 different types of file compression. The program can be configured to use high-level compression or low-level compression. With low-level compression, ZipGenius can compress an archive using very little CPU power. However, low-level compression is able to reduce the size of an archive by only a small amount. High-level compression uses more CPU power and time, but is able to compress an archive in a more efficient way.

Overall, ZipGenius provides a similar number of features to programs like WinRar and WinZip. While some of the program’s premium features aren’t available in the standard version, ZipGenius is a solid choice for anyone who needs to compress or extract archived files.

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